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Nationwide Service

  • Personal Injury Incidents

  • Property Damage

  • Construction Incidents

  • Construction Delays

  • Proposed Site Acquisitions

  • Negligence Cases

  • ​Transportation Accidents

  • ​Slip and Fall

  • Workman's Compensation & OSHA Cases

Nationwide Services


WEATHERMARK, LLC is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of quality and service. We provide certified weather and climate records in light of your case specifics and upon request, will analyze the data, prepare reports and affidavits, and when necessary, testify in court.

WEATHERMARK, LLC specializes in the reconstruction of the weather and climate conditions for your specific investigation relating to:

Personal Injury Incidents, including slip and/or trip and fall on wet surfaces or on snow and/or ice, transportation and industrial incidents

Property Damage, including  roof or building collapses, storm damage from lightning, wind, snowfall, precipitation, flooding or severe storms

Construction Incidents, including scaffolding or crane collapses and window failures.

Construction Delays

Proposed Site Acquisitions

Negligence Cases

Workman's Compensation & OSHA Cases

Let WEATHERMARK, LLC assist you in your weather-related cases. We welcome your questions & a no obligation telephone discussion to determine how WEATHERMARK, LLC can provide you answers to all of your questions.

Call WEATHERMARK, LLC at (914) 777-1729 or e-mail us.