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Nationwide Service



provides official past weather records, weather forecasts and storm reports, etc., which can be federally certified. Rush service is available.


prepares affidavits, writes concise reports, and provides testimony as an expert witness to document the past weather conditions for a specific location or region.

  • Reconstructs Past Weather Conditions

  • Provides Certified Weather & Climate Records 

  • Analyses Weather Records & Forecasts

  • Prepares Affidavits, Critiques & Reports

  • Testifies for Plaintiffs & Defendants

WEATHERMARK answers specific questions about past weather based on official records, our training, education and extensive work experience.  We analyze past weather and climate data to technically support our findings, conclusions and/or recommendations.

Our top priority is providing quality professional services which meet your schedule in a cost-efficient manner.

Your request gets the personal attention you deserve.  Our reputation is built client-by-client, project-by-project and case-by-case.

We answer your weather- and climate-related questions from the routine to the extreme. Tempera-ture, precipitation and wind events during any time frame are assessed.  From cloud-to-ground lightning strikes to record breaking snowfalls to the times of civil twilight, sunrise and sunset, WEATHERMARK reconstructs the past weather conditions for your specific date(s) and location, and provides the climate for a specific location, region, county or state.